About Mercury Governor

Mercury Governor Group LLC offers a wide spectrum of products and services to hydroelectric utilities throughout North America. Thousands of legacy mechanical governors still exist today, some more than 100 years old, and the vast majority of them can continue providing reliable service well into the future. Mercury Governor provides comprehensive technical support and overhaul services for this fleet of ‘legacy’ governors, replacing the skill and experience utilities have lost over the decades due to retirements or workforce reductions necessary to compete in a deregulated marketplace.  In addition, Mercury Governor offers digital controls and hydraulic power units for utilities who choose to modernize their governor fleet.

The principals of Mercury Governor understand the critical role hydro governors play in maintaining the stability of the North American electrical grid and are considered experts in their field with over 75 years of collected experience. They sit on expert panels at international industry conferences, serve on Codes and Standards committees, and have published numerous peer-review papers and articles. By being easy to work with, by responding promptly to customer requests, and by offering best-in-class hydro governor software solutions and competitively-priced control hardware, Mercury Governor is your most-capable and least-cost choice for hydro governor support and upgrades.

Meet the Principals of Mercury Governor