Hydro owners know that governors play an integral role in grid stability. Governors and voltage regulators are the ‘First Responders’ when a mismatch occurs between Supply and Demand, which happens every day. And, with every MW of Solar and Wind added to the grid, the power fluctuations are getting larger, which means, governors will become even more important than they are today. Mercury Governor has the knowledge and experience (75 years’ worth) to support your hydro governors.  You can count on us for responsive telephone technical support, prompt Site Services and expert digital re-programming.

At Mercury Governor, integrity is more than a concept. It’s the way we do business and how we serve our customers. We believe the key to success in business is not maximizing profits, nor selling products and services our customers don’t need. We believe success will come by serving our customers’ actual needs, by helping them out when they’re in a jam, and by going above and beyond to deliver products and services that surprise and delight our customers. Only by dealing fairly and honestly with customers can we achieve our business goal of Integrity.


Add Mercury Governor to your Governor Support team and  you’ll get everything you need to get peak performance out of your mechanical and digital governors. Mercury Governor specialists have the skills and knowledge to overhaul, calibrate and maintain your governors AND we can train your crews to do the same, using a combination of classroom and hands-on sessions. We’ll show them how their governors work AND what they need to know to keep them running reliably. That’s teamwork!